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What Does It Take To Win The Battle Against Advanced Cyber-Attacks?

A true force multiplier, powered by AI/ML and an industry leading level of advanced security analytics, proven to strengthen
compliance initiatives and identify unknown threats existing security tools just do not catch.

The Cyber Problem

Cyberattacks are becoming more complex, more common, and even more damaging.

Organizations lack the time and expertise to implement an effective program.

The cost to build a platform and find, hire, and train staff to manage it is expensive.

Compliance requirements are increasingly complicated and becoming stringent.

The Power of DataCom’s 24 X 7 Cyber Team

DataCom’s managed detection and response solution is a SOC as-a-service that provides clients with remote monitoring, analysis, hunting, remediation, and support. The managed security service, run by DataCom’s seasoned group of security professionals, is available as a fully managed or co-managed solution, offering full visibility into your environment and logs. This offering leverages the latest state-of-the-art SIEM, Security Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning tools to supplement analysts to find and remediate advanced threats on a 24x7x365 basis before they have the chance to impact your business.

Our security platform is a service that leverages and enhances your existing investment with integrated tools designed to uncover previously unknown and advanced threats. Our SOC Team analyzes enterprise log data to detect unknown threats and create enriched, prioritized, actionable cases while removing noise and false positives, enabling your security staff to focus on business requirements versus time consuming investigations. Our dedicated team retains and exposes transferred logs allowing users to see, search, and correlate data via reports and dashboards all from a single pane of glass.

DataCom's "Always On" SOC Powered MDR Solution

  • Threat Intelligence vSOC

  • Advanced Analytics & AI

  • Award-Winning SOC Analysts

  • Situational Awareness

  • Speed Means Time to Detection and Response

Why DataCom’s MDR is your best line of Cyber Defense:

  • Addresses the problem of advanced adversaries making their way through perimeter defenses by combining multiple modes of Machine Learning (ML) with an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine.
  • Combines threat intelligence, analytics, and automated tools with human smarts enabling automatic investigation and incident response workflows, report generation and other time-consuming tasks giving more cycles back to the human defenders to do what they do best: keep pace with evolving threats and creating new ways to identify these ever-evolving sophisticated attacks.
  • Brings together the right tools, training, skills, analytics, visibility and intelligence to help customers proactively hunt down bad actors and malicious activity within their networks and rapidly respond to eradicate any threats before they can harm business operations.
  • Delivers high-fidelity, actionable cases with suggested remediation steps.
  • Leverages custom analytics to detect a wide range of anomalous behaviors including:

Data Exfiltration
Suspicious Downloads
Advanced Beaconing
DGA Detections
Credential Misuse
Unusual User Behavior
Network Enumeration
Web Attacks
P2P Communication

Unauthorized User
Process Spawning
Insider Threats
Vulnerability Scans
Intrusion Attempts

Powered by AI and ML, DataCom's SOC can:

Expedite/Expand Detection

DataCom’s highly-skilled security professionals understand the humans behind the most advanced cyber threats and proactively hunt them before they cause damage. The Cyber-as-a-Services offering provides proactive people, process, and technology to mature your organization’s security posture.

Increase Efficiency

Managed detection and response improves threat detection monitoring and incident response capabilities via a turnkey approach to detecting threats that have bypassed other controls. Security and risk management leaders need to understand this service and its implications for their environments






Current SIEM and SOC had no “rule” monitoring for multiple, automated failed administrative logons to a critical data base server.


Unsupervised analytics immediately discovered an ex-contractor, maintaining access to this critical server with an automated logon script. Expensive PII records breach was averted.



Very unusual communication with several thousand external IP addresses on ephemeral ports. Lots of log evidence but no skilled analyst watching or manually hunting for threats.


Machine learning and the AI engine combined firewall, DNS, and AD logs to detect an unauthorized VPN and proxy server installation on a workstation made by a sysadmin to conduct personal business, bypassing security controls and exposing the enterprise to the internet.



A brand-new variant of a banking credential scraping malware was installed on a Wire Transfer Financial Server. Malware blew past signature-based AV tool and firewalls.


Analytics detected low, slow unauthorized P2P behavior to Russia, Latvia and Cyprus within first day of service. This new malware variant was not spotted by corporate security tool stack or alerted on by wellknown MSSP nor recognized by any tool in Virus Total.



Wellhead device was compromised with targeted malware and could issue unauthorized commands and downloading additional payloads.


Advanced Nextgen stateful firewalls logged activity but could not natively detect or drop traffic with random beacons to command and control servers in China. Analytics monitoring firewall and DNS logs created a case and remediation steps that kept production online and uninterrupted.

“We engaged DataCom's SOC Team after the 2020 elections because we were concerned about our security systems. DataCom identified issues, improved our situational awareness and provided us with a deeper visibility into threats that we normally would not have uncovered.”

State Election Officer

Cyber as a Service is:


  • Customers who choose cyber as a service receive 24x7x365 virtual cyber support, total system assessments, remediation, data recovery services, and the benefits of threat hunting and managed detection and response.
  • DataCom’s SOC provides a wide breadth of threat coverage ensuring your entire environment is comprehensively secure by combining multiple modes of ML with sophisticated AI to find unknown, advanced and insider threats while delivering these results via a customized console.


  • DataCom offers defense-grade MDR services leveraging multiple sources of threat intelligence, highly experienced threat hunters, proven threat detection processes and training, and advanced technologies outside the scope of traditional managed security services.
  • Our SOC provides full-stack visibility of your current security tools and infrastructure without the aggravation and cost of deploying and managing your own infrastructure.


  • DataCom’s threat hunting experts, processes and machine learning-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology delivers proven results – reducing the mean time to detect a breach from an industry average of more than 200 days to less than three days.

Why DataCom Solutions

Through our global network of partnerships, we match the best information and technology solutions to how your business operates to meet your needs. We assemble the best and most competitive pricing to fit your requirements.

Whether you are a small new startup, or an existing medium or large business with multiple locations, we have you covered with the most customized tailored options available. We also welcome existing opportunities to conduct a no-obligation assessment to improve overall solutions while reducing redundancy.


Customized Solutions

DataCom represents multiple vendors, so we are not limited to a single solution for your services. Couple this with our 15+ years of industry experience and you'll be comfortable knowing you have the best services customized to your unique needs.

As a partner representing multiple vendors, DataCom quotes only the best promotional pricing from only the best solutions for your needs. Never will we force a “one size fits all” option for your operation – our biggest promise is to fit the right choice “For the Right Need” Everytime!


Absolute Best Price


Proven Experience

We have learned from our many years in B2B service sector that all solutions have their strengths and weaknesses in each segment. Our experience allows us to sort through those differences for you offering the best combined value for your business needs.

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