About DataCom Products

DataCom Solutions, Inc. is a privately owned company providing a full range of "Best In Class" Products & Services of Data, Video, Communications, IT Solutions, and Managed Services to Enterprise, Government, Hospitality and Institutional customers.

Founded in 2003, DataCom Solutions, Inc. is one of the most aggressive companies in streamlining product and improvement efficiencies. We are based in Huntsville, Alabama adjacent to the second largest research park in America.

DataCom is proud of its exemplary track record of creating product improvements and innovative designs that foster better quality, organizational efficiency, and reduced cost for both our clients and their consumers.

With 6 office locations and more than 15 field sites across the United States and abroad, DataCom is known for being highly proactive and rapidly responsive to our customers' present and future needs.

DataCom has carefully selected a group of award winning engineers, programmers, installers, and technical professionals that provides products and services both remotely and on-site with existing and new potential customers.We act on each customer's behalf to bring the latest products and technology to the existing infrastructure to ensure quality.

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